Grinnell College is pleased to announce its fourth annual Student Success Conference. This year’s conference, entitled “Purposeful Lives and Meaningful Work: Thriving After College,” will explore how institutions prepare students for post-graduate success. The conference is designed for campus leaders, faculty members, policymakers, and other higher education stakeholders.

Keynote addresses will be delivered by Kevin Eagan, Director of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program and Managing Director of the Higher Education Research Institute, and New York Times bestselling author Jeff Selingo. The conference has been structured to explore the following framing questions:

  • Why do students attend college, and how have these motivations changed over time?
  • What should colleges/universities be considering as they prepare the next generation of talent?
  • How might we foster career readiness among students through curricular innovation?
  • What innovative advising and program models can help prepare students for work and life after college?
  • When considering student success outcomes, what should be measured, when, and how?

Registration for this conference is now closed. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Christel in the Center for Careers, Life, and Service at christes@grinnell.edu or 641-269-4940.